Semalt Expert Describes 10 Ways To Implement The Web Scraping Tools

Web scraping is done in a number of ways, and there are different methods to accomplish a particular task. It is an advanced field with active developments, ambitious initiates and prominent breakthroughs in the fields of artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, and text processing. The web scraping tools fetch, download and extract the chosen data, providing you with desirable formats. Various tools let you collect data from hundreds to thousands of URLs within seconds. Here are some ways to use web scraping tools.

1. Content and Followers

The competitors' blogs and social media profiles are a good place to analyze content. Perhaps, it will open the doors for you to use the skyscraper techniques and build off the foundation of your business rivals. You can also see how many followers they have and how many people are reviewing and liking their pages. The well-extracted data can help you collect information about your competitor, giving your brand more followers on social media and driving in more traffic to your website.

2. Detection

A good scraper will help, detect, scrape and obtain information from different web pages. We can easily keep our fingers on the pulse of our competitors and get an idea of their products, promotional campaigns, blogs posts, and marketing strategies. With the well-scraped data, we can adjust our brand's marketing strategies and this change will surely benefit our business.

3. Reviews

You can scrape useful information from Yelp, Google, Trustpilot, TripAdvisor, Zomato, Amazon and Yahoo like giant companies to see how customers have reviewed them. Turn to the social media sites and search the brands or products to get useful data to be scraped. This scraped information can be used to profit from the competitor's weaknesses, complaints, and issues.

4. Price Comparison

You can scrape data for price comparisons and tracking. It is important to know what your competitors are charging for a particular product and how many products of the same series are present on their websites. Price comparison is important for online retailers, and scraped data is the only way to compare prices in a better way. For instance, grocery store chains (Sainsbury, Waitrose, and Tesco) use web scraping as a must part of their pricing strategies. They scrape multiple items every day and use this information to compare prices of their different products.

5. Search Engine Optimization

Traffic coming to a site arrives through different channels, such as paid traffic, social media traffic, emails, referral and others. For many of us, it is an organic search that serves up the big slice of the pie. But for others, this traffic means nothing and they focus on search engine optimization more than any other strategy.

6. Market Research

All businessmen know that market research is an essential part of the business. You would have to check the opportunities, trends, and threats through market research. Once the data is scraped from the competitors' sites, all the information is obtained easily, and you can get an idea of how to grow your business with proper market research. The web scrapers can extract necessary data from the market research firms, analytic providers, online directories, news websites and industry blogs. You can take advantage of this data and expand your network worldwide.

7. Job Hunting and Recruiting

If you are looking for a new job, you should scrape dozens of job boards, social media sites, and forums. You can also get useful information from the digital bulletin sites and classified listings. And if you are looking for suitable candidates for your organization, you can turn to scraped data and filter the results based on your requirements. In either way, the web scraping tools will get you useful information about what's going on in the job market, how to hire the right candidates and how to land a dream job.

8. Products and Services

All of us buy products and services on the Internet. As a customer, we can copy and aggregate the directories to obtain useful data. We can also compare the prices and reviews to know which products and services are most suitable. For instance, you can compile the list of used vehicles that match your requirements from a variety of sites. Alternatively, you can check the reviews of different smartphones to have an idea of which brand is dominating the others. Some of the smartest choices are iPhone, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry.

9. Financial Planning

With the web scraping tools, you can scrape data from stock exchange sites, property websites, and check the reviews of different portals for financial gains. It will make easy for you to collect details you require to stay informed about the current marketing trends.

10. Looking to Buy or Rent

For a better idea of web scraping, you should consider the real estate agencies. If you are looking to buy or rent something, you definitely need to scrape data and have an idea of what type of property will suit you the most. As the house hunter, you can create well-organized datasets from different agents, listings, aggregation sites.

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